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GFEST 2010 showcase.
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GFEST 09 showcase.
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GFEST 09 Programme showreel.
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GFEST - Gaywise FESTival is London's LGBT and queer cross - art festivals for all.

GFEST - Gaywise FESTival 2010 programme is announced

For detailed info : GFEST 2010 visual arts / GFEST 2010 short films / GFEST 2010 performances / GFEST 2010 talks, debate, workshops and parties

London's premier LGBT cross-arts festival, GFEST is a platform for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and queer artists, organisations and venues to promote LGBT and queer arts. Organised by arts charity Wise Thoughts, GFEST features established alongside fresh or young LGBT artists and queer talent across the arts, including visual arts, theatre, dance and performance, LGBT short films, debates, workshops and parties. GFEST takes place annually in November in various venues across London.

Message of support from The Prime Minister David Cameron (2010)

Message of support from The Mayor of London Boris Johnson (2010)

Please check back regularly for updates.
Artistic Director: Niranjan Kamatkar

GFEST 2010 dates: 8 to 21 Nov 2010

  GFEST 2010 Selection Panel members include:
  • Ajamu: photographer and Black LGB & T community archivist and co- founder of rukus! Federation.
  • Ali Zaidi: artist moving fluidly between different artforms and artistic director of motiroti.
  • Campbell: accomplished filmmaker and programmer who runs BlackmanVision.
  • Julie Bindel: well known writer, feminist and co-founder of the group Justice For Women.
  • Julie Lomax: Director of Visual Arts, Arts Council England, London.
  • Paul Burston: author, journalist and editor of Time Out Gay & Lesbian section.
  • Steven Paul Davies: Renowned film critic, broadcaster and author of 'Out At The Movies'
  • Niranjan Kamatkar: artistic director of GFEST.

GFEST messages of support

"Proud and happy to support GFEST 2010, which does so much to promote the work of LGBT artists everywhere. You couldn't do better than add your own support. Much love"
Stephen Fry

"At a time when arts funding is threatened by the government cuts, it is more important than ever to support GFEST and the many LGBTI artists and performers that it show-cases. They are in the frontline of queer culture, articulating our identities, experiences, triumphs and tragedies. Go see."
- Peter Tatchell
Human rights campaigner

"London's place as one of the world's great cultural capital's has been built on its diverse range of artistic endeavour and the determination of its cultural communities to push at boundaries. GFEST is a great example of promoting that innovative spirit and widening access to the creative output of LGBT Londoners, I wish this years festival the success it deserves."
- Dee Doocey,
Chair of the London Assembly

"GFEST is an excellent forum for encouraging new artists as well as established acts and I wish participants, organisers and visitors a great festival this year"
- Margot James MP,
Vice Chairman Conservative Party

"I send my very best wishes to GFEST, and hope the festival is a huge success. Giving full expression to some of the best in LGBT arts and performance - and being proud about the diversity that has created it - is something to be savoured, enjoyed, and celebrated. Good luck!"
Rt Hon Lord Smith

"I send my good wishes to all those involved in organising and participating in GFEST 2008. Wise Thoughts has a proven track record and has organised an ambitious programme of events across the arts. I hope the Festival will raise the profile of LGBT artists and their work, not only in London but nationally."
- David Lepper MP

"As a TV producer I am always keen to hear about innovative media and arts forums. As Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission I am delighted to see innovation coupled with a celebration of LGBT creators and audiences. I wish all success to the GFEST Gaywise FESTival."
- Sir Trevor Phillips OBE

"As a lesbian and a Londoner, I'm excited about GFEST, an LGBT arts festival filled with cutting-edge exhibitions and performances by new and established artists. GFEST is a celebration of the wonderful diversity that makes our queer communities so vibrant, and our capital city so rich. It's so inspiring to see LGBT arts showcased in this way. I hope GFEST just gets bigger, bolder and more beautiful, year by year!"
- Sarah Waters

"GFEST looks set to be better than ever this year and the diversity and creativity behind the festival and are truly inspiring. It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase and celebrate LGBT artists and performers, so I wish all involved every success."
- Caroline Lucas MP
Leader of the Green Party

"I want to wish all the participants and supporters of the GFEST Gaywise FESTival all the very best for this year's Festival. It provides a fantastic platform not just for the LGBT community but also for London and for the arts. This year's programme is packed with interesting and diverse events so I am sure it will be a great success."
- Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt
Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport

"Congratulations to Wise Thoughts and GFEST organisers for all their efforts in delivering this year's GFEST Gaywise FESTival.
I am looking forward to this year's festival. GFEST offers a broad, diverse mix of visual and performance art which is creative, challenging and provocative. The festival is also an exciting platform to showcase the creativity of artists who explore sexual and ethnic identities and it builds upon the extensive, historic contributions that LGBT Londoners have made to the vibrant social, economic and cultural fabric of this city.
I wish GFEST every success as it establishes itself as London's annual LGBT arts festival and encourage Londoners to attend."
- Jennette Arnold AM
Former Chair of the London Assembly

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