GFEST is an exciting opportunity to bring together LGBTQI+ and BAME communities from across the UK, using the arts to connect and celebrate our identities.

With the theme of #QueerQueries, this year’s GFEST will be provoking discussions around queer identity, what it means to be queer and different attitudes towards the term ‘queer’.

Take a look at GFEST 2019 coming soon here.

I’m organising an event and I’d like it to be part of GFEST – how does it work?

GFEST is a festival that joins together LGBTQI+ arts events taking place across the UK between Monday 11 November and Saturday 23 November, 2019.

We welcome individuals, venues, libraries, museums and organisations to submit their own events to GFEST organisers to be considered for the festival. To sign up, please fill in the form below.

If your event meets the requirements set out below, we will help promote your event across social media, on the GFEST website, through our LGBTQI+ and BAME communities, and in media outlets. Sign up is free — just fill in the form below.

Requirements for submitting an event:

Your event must take place during the GFEST period of Monday 11 November to Saturday 23 November, 2019.

All events must celebrate and welcome diverse LGBTQI+ communities.

If the event requires an age limit due to nudity or a 18+ film certificate, guests must be informed. You are responsible for acquiring the necessary licences (if any) for your event. 

GFEST must give confirmation by listing the event on the website before you can promote the event as being part of GFEST.

The deadline to submit your event to GFEST is Saturday 20 October, 2019.

Please fill in the form below to submit your event:

You will need to use GFEST logo    or    (right click on image and save to download full size logo)






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By submitting the your own GFEST event you agree to share your contact details with us. We will use them to get in touch with you to let you know  future GFEST news, updates and LGBT, arts / culture news sent out by GFEST organiser arts charity Wise Thoughts. If you receive any email communication by error, please get in touch with us by email or ‘unsubscribe’.